7 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Breeders!

The “Berners” (a most common nickname) made its debut in the US in 1926 and quickly became a favorite pet and working dog.  This breed is much loved due to its charming, easy-going, and playful personality.

If you’re planning to purchase from unknown Bernese Mountain Dog breeders in the United States, we recommend that you do your research.

Relentless Ranch is outside of Aspen, Colorado, and is a 2,600-acre ranch where her dogs are raised in the house as pets, but they work on the ranch to hone their natural working and herding instincts.

Relentless Ranch

DeerPark Dogs are raised in the home as pets, and the breeder also raises Berger Picards (a French herding dog).

DeerPark Dogs

All of the dogs from Rossingham Berners registered with the Berner Garde Foundation and are health tested for specific genetic defects.

Rossingham Berners

MajaRaja Bernese is a preservation breeder that breeds under the AKC breeding standards. Their dogs are shown in obedience, rally, and conformation, and Carol Fox has been part of local breeder clubs, has been showing for 30 years, and is the owner of Blue Ribbon K9 Academy.

MahaRaja Bernese Mountain Dogs

Dogs and puppies at Barefoot Springs are raised around other animals and livestock on a large acreage area, and the breeder has a natural water source.

Barefoot Springs

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