Recommended Dog Breeders

recommended dog breeders

We Love Doodles has done an extensive amount of research reviewing dog breeders. We’ve interviewed countless breeders and rescues, verified credentials, read reviews, and thoroughly researched their websites.

However, dog breeding practices are constantly changing and puppy mills/scams are still taking place. We highly encourage you to verify all puppy health warranties, health guarantees, genetic testing, and the breeder’s reputation.

If you’re a potential first-time dog owner, we highly recommend going through PuppySpot or Premier Pups. They do all of the research for you and you will not be getting scammed. They also only list puppies available today, so you won’t have a wait on the long waitlist.

PuppySpot has also given our readers a $250 off coupon code when you use “WLD250” at checkout.

PremierPups has given our readers a $250 off coupon with code: “WLD250“.

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We’ve sorted the breeders we recommend by location. Please click on your location below and select the dog breed you are looking for.

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