When is a Bernedoodle Full Grown?

If you’re considering getting a Bernedoodle or maybe recently acquired one, you’re probably wondering when they are full-grown. Bernedoodle puppies tend to grow extremely fast and you’re probably getting worried they will outgrow their crate.

We’ve created a standard growth curve based on various Bernedoodle owners that you can use to calculate the approximate size or weight of your dog. While it won’t be exact, it will definitely give you an idea of how big your Bernedoodle puppy will get.

Most Bernedoodles will reach a full-grown size at about a year old.  At this point, Bernedoodles are considered to be at 90% to 95% of their full-grown body weight and have mostly finished growing in height.

Here is the formula: Bernedoodle Current Weight x [1 + (100 / % of size in weeks)]

Calculating A Bernedoodles Growth

Keep in mind that there are 4 main size categories for Bernedoodles: toy, mini, medium, and standard. These categories have broad height and weight ranges.

Bernedoodle Size Expectations

Another option for estimating the weight of your Bernedoodle would be to use a DNA test. This saves you the Bernedoodle weight calculation headache and gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Using a DNA Test to Estimate Weight for Your Full Grown Bernedoodle

Unfortunately, there is nothing that says they absolutely will stop growing at a certain age. Remember that the parent dogs can make a significant difference in growth and the growth rate overall.

How to Know When Your Bernedoodle is Done Growing?

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