Best Shampoo for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! (2022)

The We Love Doodles 4 -1 is a premium quality organic dog shampoo, conditioner, and detangler perfect for low shedding dogs like the Cavalier King Charles.

We Love Doodles - Dog Shampoo

The DERMagic System Skin Condition Kit for pets keeps your pet’s skin and fur healthy. The kit includes peppermint and tea tree oil shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and restoration crème.

DERMagic System Skin Condition Kit for Pets

J.R.Liggetts features a hypoallergenic biodegradable formula that is 100% detergent-free and eco-friendly. This product is non-GMO and relieves dry, itchy skin. It is also great for sensitive skin. It’s crafted with virgin coconut and almond oils that penetrate deeply to hydrate skin.

J·R·LIGGETT'S Small Animal Liquid Shampoo

This tearless shampoo is specifically designed to bring out the natural brightness of white and lighter colored fur in Cavaliers.

Healthy Breeds Dog Shampoo

Looking for a tearless shampoo for your Cavalier puppy? Veterinary Formula Solutions Puppy Love Extra Gentle Tearless Shampoo is perfect for puppies with sensitive skin.

Veterinary Formula Puppy  Shampoo

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