9 Best Large Hypoallergenic Dogs (2022)

If you love working outdoors, then the Bouvier Des Flandres is the dog for you. It is very athletic and has been bred for herding. Regular exercise is a must for this dog. While they may look large, they aren’t lazy, and can easily carry their weight.

1. Bouvier Des Flandres

The giant Schnauzer is an intimidatingly large dog that was originally bred for herding. It is also known to be a good guard dog.  Training them takes patience as they tend to have a stubborn temperament.

2. Giant Schnauzer

The Belgian Malinois was originally a dog for herding but is today routinely used for law enforcement and providing therapy assistance to ill and elderly people. They are known for being athletic and active.

3. Belgian Malinois

The standard Poodle is the most popular breed on this list. They are well known for being hypoallergenic as their single coat doesn’t shed much. The Poodle was bred as a hunting dog which is why they need more exercise than other dogs.

4. Standard Poodle

The Airedale Terrier is a high-energy breed that loves to be outdoors. They are known for being very playful. If you have children and a big backyard, then the Airedale terrier is the right choice for you.

5. Airedale Terriers

The Irish Water Spaniel is a large hypoallergenic dog that loves to socialize. If you have a big family with an active lifestyle, then this dog can be the right fit for your house.

6. Irish Water Spaniel

Samoyeds were originally bred as sled dogs for some of the coldest places on earth. This gives them the iconic white double coat that protects them against the harsh cold. The Samoyed is a smart fun-loving breed that is also very social.

7. Samoyed

The Portuguese Water Dog was originally bred to be a fishermen’s dog. Their webbed feet are a key feature of their body.  They are easy-going, athletic, and intelligent.

8. Portuguese Water Dog

Last on the list of the best large hypoallergenic dogs is the Afghan Hound. The most striking feature of this breed is its silky long hair which requires regular grooming.

9. Afghan Hound

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