How Long Do Cockapoos Live?

If you want a small dog with a combination of high energy and cuddles, the Cockapoo can be the top choice for you.

Let’s check out some facts about the Cockapoo breed and its lifespan. By knowing more information about this dog breed, owners can make the best decisions in terms of exercise, diet, and lifestyle.

Cockapoos have a higher than average lifespan, with the average life expectancy of dogs between 10 and 13 years. There are even some studies that show Cockapoos living longer than 20 years old!

Cockapoo Life Expectancy

In general, the Cockapoo stages are as follows: 1. Up to 18 months old – Puppyhood 2. From 6 to 18 months old – Adolescence 3. From 1 to 3 years old – Adulthood

Cockapoo Lifespan

The Cockapoo lifespan can be affected by health issues. If the Cockapoo is not taken care of properly or receives medical care, it may develop serious health issues that can shorten its lifespan.

Cockapoo Health Issues

Before adopting your new Cockapoo, it can be helpful to know more about the breed characteristics: 1. Adaptability 2. Friendliness and Sociability 3. Health Needs

Cockapoo Facts

To ensure your Cockapoo has a full and happy life, you need to ensure you provide the right level of healthcare and grooming needs for your dog.

Cockapoo Care

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