Can Dogs Get Sexually Attracted to Humans?

To put your mind at ease, the short answer is no, although you could be forgiven for making such a misreading based on some of your dog’s cruder habits.

If you’ve ever caught your dog leering at you in a way that made you feel like you needed a shower, you might have found yourself wondering whether it was thinking what you thought it was thinking.

Dogs may be like surrogate children to some, but they’re animals first and foremost. And like all animals, they’re driven by instinct—chief among them the instinct to reproduce.

Reasons You Might Suspect Your Dog Has the Hots for You

You try out desperately to get it to stop but to no avail. So instead, it’s determined to enact its lustful compulsions on your unoffending limb.

1. It Tries to Hump You

On more occasions than you can recall, your puppy has trotted right up to you and stuck its nose directly into your most intimate region without so much complimenting your outfit first.

2. It Sniffs Your Crotch

You may notice that a certain part of your male dog’s anatomy is—ahem— at attention. This observation isn’t unduly troubling until you remember that there are no females around.

3. It Becomes Aroused in Your Presence

Because nature doesn’t permit it. You see, dogs are hardwired to be attracted exclusively to other members of the same species.

Why Dogs Can’t Be Attracted to Humans

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