When is a Schnoodle Full Grown?

“When is a Schnoodle fully grown?” When will this breed of dog reach full size and adult size?

It is important to note that there are standard guidelines to follow with dogs even though there is no exact age to reach their full size.

The Schnoodle are generally small-sized dogs. There is a relatively recent breeding: the mix of Standard Poodle and Giant Schnauzer.

Breeding and Weight

The Schnoodle size is dependent on the parents’ sizes. There are three variations of the Poodles and the Schnauzers. 1. Standard Schnoodles 2. Mini Schnoodles 3. Toy Schnoodles


Standard Schnoodles have heights that range between fifteen to twenty-six inches and have weights of between twenty to seventy-five pounds.

Standard Schnoodles

Mini Schnoodles have heights that range between twelve to fifteen inches and have weights between thirteen to twenty pounds.

Mini Schnoodles

The Toy Schnoodles have heights that range between ten to twelve inches and weigh six to ten pounds.

Toy Schnoodles

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