7 Best Trained Labradoodle Breeders in the USA!

Time is also a common reason for people to buy a trained Labradoodle. However, if a person has more money than time, they may prefer to purchase a dog that has already been mostly trained.

Trained Labradoodle Puppies For Sale in the United States

A limited number of puppies are available per year at Springdale Labradoodles to families seeking a well-mannered puppy that is already trained or who want a puppy with a solid learning foundation, ready to begin more specialized training.

1. Springdale Labradoodles

Pride & Prejudoodles hand-picks puppies who meet their high health, coat, and temperament standards to enroll in their training program. Puppies graduate around five months, ready to join their future families.

2. Pride and Prejudoodles

With Brightstar Labradoodles, you will have a fun, well-mannered family member. They raise and train your puppy to fit your lifestyle for five months, starting from the beginning.

3. Brightstar Labradoodles

If you purchase a puppy from Deer Creek’s Labradoodles, you will receive ongoing support throughout your dog’s life. Occasionally, they have puppies available who have already completed their Puppy Preschool Program.

4. Deer Creek Labradoodles

LauderDoodles is one of America’s finest breeders of micro and mini-sized Labradoodle Puppies.

5. LauderDoodle

Last on the list of trained Labradoodle breeders is “Lewis Manor Labradoodles.” Miles and Katherine Lewis own Lewis Manor Labradoodles.

6. Lewis Manor Labradoodles

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