Top 5 Reasons: Dog is wobbly and Off Balance

If your dog is wobbly and off balance this could potentially be a sign of some serious health issues and could require immediate veterinarian attention.

Here are the reasons why your dog is wobbly and off balance.  

In general, a dog stroke is the loss of blood flow to a dog’s brain that causes neurologic abnormalities.

1) Dog Stroke

Canine Vestibular Syndrome for dogs simply means that your dog suddenly becomes wobbly or off balance due to degradation of the vestibular system.

2) Canine Vestibular Syndrome in Dogs

If your dog fell and hit their head, chances are they developed some type of dog head trauma if they aren’t acting normally.

3) Dog Head Trauma

If your dog has long ears that aren’t cleaned regularly, chances are they have had an inner ear infection.

4) Inner Ear Infection in Dogs

If a dog tumor affects a certain part of the brain, this can often times cause many different symptoms like dog dizziness and balance issues.

5) Dog Tumor

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