Why Do Dogs Smell After Going Outside?

This is common among dogs, so do not be too alarmed. Many different factors contribute to your dog’s smell.

Dogs can sometimes be smelly, and there are many reasons for that. There are both environmental reasons for your dog’s odor as well as biological reasons.

When your dog goes outside, it can develop smells similar to those found in the air around it. Therefore, these environmental factors directly affect the scent of your dog.

1. Environmental Reasons

Probably the most recognizable odor when it comes to dogs is the wet dog smell. This is the smell that exudes your dog when it has been outside in the rain or snow.

2. Moisture

This smell comes from dirt and soil that your dog comes into contact with. This debris gets stuck in your dog’s coat while outside, creating this distinct smell.

3. Dirt

When your dog goes outside, he shares his space with the rest of the wild animals. Many of these animals have pungent smells that can rub off on your dog.

4. Animals

These bugs have an odor that is often compared to cilantro mixed with sulfur, ammonia, burning tires, and spoiled meat.

5. Insects

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