Straight Hair Goldendoodle Guide

Straight hair Goldendoodles, also known as flat coat Goldendoodles, are becoming an increasingly popular dog type because people like the straight hair that resembles a Golden Retriever and makes them look more like a teddy bear.

If you’re looking for a straight hair Goldendoodle, we recommend that you look at either a F1 Generation Goldendoodle or F2 Generation Goldendoodle as these generations contain 50% Golden Retriever genes.

There is a dog gene called Cu locus (AKA Curly Coat Gene) which determines if your dog will have curly hair.  The absence of Cu locus means that you will have a straight hair Goldendoodle.

How does a Goldendoodle get a straight coat?

In general, F stands filial and means that it is a hybrid dog, the # means the generation of dog, and the B means back cross.

Which generation of Goldendoodle has a Straight Coat?

If you’re looking for a flat coat Goldendoodle, then you typically want a 1st generation Goldendoodle or F1 Goldendoodle.

In addition, there is also a high chance of getting a straight hair Goldendoodle if they are a F2 Goldendoodle or 2nd generation Goldendoodle.

In general, you want to pick a Goldendoodle generation that is 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle in order to maximize your chances of a straight hair Goldendoodle.

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