Older Dog Attacking New Puppy – Training Advice! (2022)

When you brought the new puppy home, everything seemed to be perfect. But now you can’t help but notice that your older dog is beginning to show aggression towards the younger one. You may see him staring at her, growling, or even nipping at her for seemingly no reason.

Here is Training Advice for New Puppies! 

Are you wondering why your older dog is attacking a new puppy? Knowing some of the reasons for this behavior, and taking steps to avoid them, will go a long way to establishing peace between these two pets.

Why Is My Older Dog Attacking a New Puppy?

An older dog growling at a new puppy may happen because he doesn’t know how to act around young puppies. Since most dogs view younger animals as weaker and submissive.

Age Gap

Older dogs who were never socialized properly as puppies might begin showing aggression towards new additions to the family.

Poor Socialization in General

When left unsupervised, older dogs might start showing aggression toward the new one out of jealousy, boredom, or because they’re simply used to being alone.

Acts Different When Unsupervised

An older pet who was attacked by another canine will often try their best not to let it happen again. Such traumatized dogs will try their hardest not to let another dog bite or hurt them again.

Previous Attack