Improper Coat Goldendoodle and Furnishings!

In general, there are three common types of Goldendoodle coats: straight/flat, wavy, and curly. Almost all Doodles that shed are going to have a straight or flat coat due to inheriting the Golden Retriever’s improper coat genetics.

If you have an improper coat Goldendoodle, they won’t be nonshedding and hypoallergenic like you see most wavy or curly Goldendoodles.

This means that your Goldendoodle likely has straight or flat hair throughout their body and they look like a Golden Retriever.

What is an Improper Coat & Furnishings?

There are slightly more variations to improper coats and furnishings, such as a weak furnishing gene.

How does my Goldendoodle get an improper coat?

The easiest way to prevent an improper coat and allow for furnishings is to breed with a Poodle that is fully furnished with (FF) genes.

How can you prevent an Improper Coat on your Goldendoodle?

If you want your Goldendoodle to be curly and wavy without any shedding then you will need to opt for FF genes. If you see Fw genes with IC genes, then there is still a chance that your Goldendoodle will shed.

Why does my F1B / F2B / F1BB Goldendoodle have an improper coat?

A Goldendoodle with a flat or straight coat is the easiest way to identify an improper coat without genetic testing.

How to tell if your Goldendoodle has Furnishing or an Improper coat?

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