What Human Food Can I Feed My Diabetic Dog?

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly known as simply diabetes, is a condition found among many dogs. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which your dog’s body cannot correctly process carbohydrates, resulting in abnormalities in blood sugar levels.

If your dog is diagnosed with diabetes, you have a couple of options for food: dog food and human food. First, you can get your dog diabetes-specific dog food. These formulas are made with diabetic dogs in mind. You can also feed your dog the correct human food which we will review.

When choosing food for your dog, you should ensure it is high in dietary fiber. Fiber is one of the most critical factors of a diabetic dog’s diet because it slows the release of glucose in your dog’s body. This helps prevent blood sugar from spiking.

Carbohydrates also  play a crucial role in your diabetic dog’s diet. Carbs are the primary source of fluctuations in your dog’s blood sugar levels. Therefore, the carbohydrates your dog eats are responsible for the blood sugar spikes experienced. This is because carbs are processed faster than proteins and fats.

Protein is another nutrient that is crucial for a healthy diabetic dog diet. Your dog’s food should be high in protein but low in fat. Protein slows digestion which helps with reducing blood sugar spikes.  Lean meats such as chicken and turkey are a great way to incorporate proper protein into your dog’s diet while also maintaining a healthy weight.

Try these vegetables: – Winter squash (butternut squash, pumpkin, acorn squash) – Carrots – Parsely – Alpha Sprouts – Broccoli – Cauliflower – Green Beans – Leafy Greens (kale, lettuce, collard greens) – Beets

Diabetic Dogs can also eat these grains: – Whole Grains – Brown rice – Wild rice – Quinoa – Amaranth – Buckwheat Protein: Chicken, Salmon, & Turkey

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