Straight Hair Labradoodle Guide. Why a Straight Coat?

A straight hair Labradoodle, otherwise called flat coat Labradoodle, is turning into an undeniably well-known dog since individuals like the straight hair that takes after a Labrador Retriever and makes them look like a scruffy teddy bear.

If you want one of these Labradoodles with straight hair, you should look at either an F1 Generation Labradoodle or F2 Generation Labradoodle as these dogs have 50% Labrador Retriever genes.

There is a unique dog quality called Cu Locus, also known as Curly Coat gene, which decides whether your Labradoodle will have wavy hair.

How does a Labradoodle get a straight coat?

You need to pick a Labradoodle generation that is half Labrador Retriever and half Poodle to increase your odds of a straight hair Labradoodle.

Which Generation of Labradoodle has a Straight Coat?

Straight coat Labradoodles will in general shed much more than a wavy or curly-haired Labradoodles.  This is on the grounds that straight coats contain much less Poodle hereditary qualities which cause the dog to have a flat coat that sheds.

Drawbacks of a Straight Hair Labradoodle

Getting a straight coat Labradoodle versus wavy coat Labradoodle is a tough decision.  Primarily, individuals get a straight coat Labradoodle due to their unique looks.

Why get a straight coat Labradoodle?

Pet owners ultimately want a Labradoodle that resembles a Labrador Retriever and doesn’t look like a Poodle.  Additionally, a straight or flat coat Labradoodle will in general look “cuter” and like a teddy bear.

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