What is a Puppy Mill? What You Should Know

If you didn’t know, puppy mills are mostly ‘dog breeders’ breeding puppies for profit.

Sometimes, these puppies aren’t even sold. What do these puppy mills do with unsold puppies? How do you even spot a puppy mill? There’s much more to it than that, and our team will go further in-depth about the topic.

There are good dog breeders, and there are bad dog breeders. Puppy mills are seen as lousy dog breeders because they focus primarily on profits and quick breeding.

What Exactly is a Puppy Mill?

The parent dogs from these puppy mills don’t get the proper rest it needs after giving birth and puppies are quickly rushed to sell. Rushing to sell these puppies would mean lowering the prices of these dogs.

What Exactly is a Puppy Mill?

There’s a vast difference between a puppy mill and a legit dog breeder. One is trustworthy, and one is not. You understand what puppy mills are but what makes them different from actual breeders?

Puppy Mill vs. Breeder

An honest breeder will have passion for their dogs, provide you detailed information about the puppies, and provide these dogs with a livable and fun environment.

Puppy Mill vs. Breeder

When the puppy you’re planning to take home is under six weeks old, that means the breeder isn’t extra cautious. Puppies don’t usually get sold until they’re over six weeks old for health reasons.

How Do You Know If You’re Dealing With a Puppy Mill?

Unsold puppies will be sold to pet stores. These businesses will likely purchase the puppies at a meager price to resell to their customers.

What Do Puppy Mills Do with Unsold Puppies?

Every future dog owner’s job is to do their in-depth research or due diligence on the breeders. If you do encounter a puppy mill, we highly recommend avoiding it.

Conclusion For “What is a Puppy Mill?”

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