7 Tips for Grooming Your Doodle at Home

With their curly coats and beautiful names, doodles are quite popular with dog owners. A doodle dog is a crossbreed between poodles and other dog breeds.

Doodles are high maintenance dogs because they need regularly grooming due to the fact their hair doesn’t shed. Here are a few things you must know about these dogs if you plan on grooming your doodle at home.

Doodles are fluffy dogs that love playing around; therefore, their fur tends to get tangled. So, to keep their coats mat-free, you should be ready to brush them regularly.

1. Brush Their Coat Regularly

Even though you brush your doodle regularly, mats can sometimes form in places you rarely brush. The most common areas where you can find mats include on the ears, belly, chest, behind their ears, and underarms.

2. Get Rid of Tangles and Knots With a Clipper

Since debris and dirt can damage your clipper, it’s always a great idea to bathe him before cutting his coat. But, make sure his coat is mat free before washing him.

3. Wash Your Doodle Before Cutting His Coat

Trim your dog’s entire body using a clipper with a 1-inch clipper guard. Make sure you clip the large parts of his body like his back thoroughly, by going through it numerous times.

4. Clip a Large Amount of the Doodle’s Coat With Clipper

One of the most overlooked places is the fur growing between his toes. So, make sure you trim them and restrain your dog if you have to.

5. The Fur Around His Feet Should Be Shorter Than the Other Parts of His Body

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