Top 10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Rats – With Pictures!

Have you ever seen a dog and thought, “Is that thing a rat?” Mistakes happen to the best of us.

This can be offensive to some owners, but depending on your opinion of rats, this could indicate that the dog is just small and cute!

With the Chihuahua’s small stature, big eyes and little snout, it’s easy for people to make the connection from dog to rat.


As their name would imply, this pup was bred with the main job of “rat baiting” so they have spent plenty of time with rodents over the years.

Rat Terrier

This little guy is called the Chinese Crested dog, and he is quite “rat-ty”. Their small body is usually hairless, with just a coat on their heads, tails, and feet.

Chinese Crested

The Papillion has a rat quality we just can’t put our fingers on, maybe it’s the small snout? Perky ears? Tiny body? Or a combination of all three?


The Russian Toy breed has similar characteristics to our number one spot, the Chihuahua. Their tiny little heads and bodies give them a rat-like appearance.

Russian Toy

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