Do Pitbulls Have Webbed Feet?

If you have been wondering what that thin layer of skin connects each of your dog’s toes, you can rest easy. It’s called webbed feet.

Many Pitbulls owners have concluded that their dogs have webbed feet, but technically a wrong assumption. Pitbulls have connective tissue between their toes, but it’s technically not webbed feet.

Pitbulls don’t have webbed feet. There is a thin connective tissue between their feet, but that is not technically webbing. Pitbulls that possess webbed vertebrae extremely rare.

Does My Pitbull Have Webbed Feet?

Webbed feet are usually made of toes and a thin layer of skin between them called a membrane. It’s the tissue that connects the toes, making them look like duck feet.

What is Webbed Feet?

Dogs walk with their toes, so having webbed feet can lead to limping and some health conditions. Here are some health conditions that can occur in dogs that have webbed feet:

Is Having Webbed Feet Dangerous For My Dog?

In some cases, dogs with webbed feet have a cleft palate. Usually, such dogs also have genetic abnormalities. In normal dogs, their mouth roof is stuck together, leaving no blank space.

1). Cleft Palate

Since webbed feet and scoliosis are caused by spinal and bone malformations, it’s not surprising that dogs with webbed feet are prone to have scoliosis.

2). Scoliosis

Shortened tibia and fibula is very dangerous for your dog as it can cause limping and bone fractures. Fortunately, this condition can be corrected with surgery.

3). Shortened Tibia-Fibula

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