Czech Dog Commands To Teach Your Dog! (2022)

Now we’ll begin our rundown of the most useful Czech dog training commands. To compile this list, we’ve thought of the most useful words that you’d want to teach a dog (like sit, stay, come, and others), as well as some fun commands with which you can impress your friends.

Czech Dog Training Commands

The most basic command in Czech is pronounced “sed-nee.”

Sit: Sedni!

“Come” is another of the most basic commands for any dog to know. Kemne (pronounced “come-enye”) literally means “to me” in Czech. Wherever your dog is or whatever it’s doing, you should instill Kemne such that the dog drops everything and goes “to you.” 1. 

Come: Kemne!

Heel is one of those dog commands that many owners wish their dogs could learn but have trouble teaching. Luckily, many online resources can help in training this oh-so-handy command. To pronounce Knoze, say “no-say.”

Heel: Knoze

Now that we’ve gone over some basic Czech dog training commands, let’s look at some of the more sophisticated commands that police dogs need to learn for when they’re on duty.

Police Dog Commands In Czech

“Stopa” (pronounced stop-ah) is an excellent police command that you can teach your dog. A command such as track can be great for playing hide-and-seek throughout the house, or for getting your dog to locate a friend or relative when out on a walk through the woods.

Track (Stopa)

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