14 Best Bernese Mountain Dog Rescues

Bernese mountain dogs are fluffy and loyal tri-colored companions. Unfortunately, many of these beautiful dogs have to be rescued and put for adoption every year.

Not many owners surrender these dogs due to their easy going temperament and gentle nature. However, many of these dogs are still rescued and adopted out every year. Our list will help you find the best Bernese Mountain Dog rescues.

This club has meetings and activities throughout the year for both Bernese Mountain Dog owners and enthusiasts alike. They also have an active Bernese Mountain Dog rescue program for re-homing and adopting.

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Alaska (Alaska)

This program helps Bernese Mountain Dog rescues find “forever homes.” Each dog is spayed and neutered in their care. 

Arizona Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue (Arizona)

This club services the Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, and Oklahoma areas to help transport, rehabilitate, foster, and adopt Bernese Mountain Dogs to find the best match and care for them.

Heartland Bernese Mountain Dog Club (Multiple States)

This program is dedicated to bringing safety, stability, and love to Bernese Mountain Dogs. This non-profit is affiliated with the Sierra West Bernese Mountain Dog Club, which is recognized by the BMDCA.

NorCal Bernese Mountain Dog Rescue (California)

As with most places on this list, adoption is not on a first-come, first-serve basis. These programs take time to get to know the animal and the prospective owners to make sure a correct match is made.

Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Southern California (California)

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