Popular Italian Dog Commands for Training!

There are many reasons why it is a good idea to know how to train your dog in Italian or with commands in any different language.

Some people take their pets on trips and want them to understand commands in that language. It is also common to utilize commands in different languages to help your dog focus on your voice.

Teaching foreign dog commands is important if you have a working dog that may receive direction from someone they should not.

Here are the most commonly used dog commands in Italian that are fun to know or maybe a lifesaver if you visit Italy. Knowing how to train a dog in Italian is easy if you know how to in English.

List of Dog Commands in Italian

Pronunciation: vee-en-ee Probably the most vital command owners teach their dogs. The come command is super valuable when you are in a different place.

Italian Command for Come: Vieni

Pronunciation: say-doo-toe Seduto’ is how to say sit in Italian. If you are in a foreign place this is an especially important command for you and your dog to know.

Italian Command for Sit: Seduto

Pronunciation: jew If you are working through customs at an airport, using this command to place your dog down can make things easier and keep your dog comfortable.

Italian Command for Down: Giu

Pronunciation: fair-mo Another command that could save a dog’s life is to stay. Knowing a firm command for stay, no matter what language, will help keep your dog safe and well-behaved.

Italian Command for Stay: Fermo

Pronunciation: see Using the command for yes is very valuable in affirming your dogs’ actions when they are on the right track.

Italian Command for Yes: Sì

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