How to Stop a Goldendoodle from Biting!

Let me guess… your Goldendoodle puppy is less than 6 months old and is biting and chewing everything from fingers to toes to shoes.

We recommend that you try to control this behavior early on using these techniques.


By far, the best investment of your time is going to be training your Goldendoodle puppy not to bite.

If you don’t train your puppy early on, then they will start to bite you a little harder each time – this is called an extinction burst.

If you let your Goldendoodle bite you and act like you are not bothered or think that it does not hurt, they will continue to bite you harder.

Alternatively, my go-to training method of preventing a puppy from biting is to put them in time out.

Don’t let your Goldendoodle continue to bite you without punishment.

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