When to Euthanize a Dog With Renal Failure?

A renal disease or failure diagnosis for your dog can be scary. It leaves you with questions regarding the severity of the disease and whether it may be time to bid your dog goodbye.

According to Pet Health Network, at least one in ten dogs gets a kidney disease at some point in their lifetime. Therefore, it is a challenging yet necessary subject for dog owners.

All dog diseases that affect the kidney can eventually cause renal failure. These include: - Congenital Diseases - Geriatric Degeneration - Toxicosis - Bacterial Infections

What Causes Kidney Failure?

Here are a few of the most common ones: – Increased urine volume in their bladder – General weakness – An increase in water consumption

What are the Symptoms of Renal Disease and Failure?

The International Renal Interest Society classifies the stages of chronic kidney disease from number 1 through 4. With 1 being the mildest and 4 the most severe.

The Stages of Renal Failure in Dogs

Fortunately, you can treat the early stages of chronic kidney disease at home. Hydration and medication could ease the discomfort.

Treating Kidney Disease in Dogs

If more than two-thirds of your dog’s kidney tissue is damaged, there will be an increase in waste in the blood. The kidneys have limited ability to regulate nutrient levels.

What Is the Process of Dog Dying of Kidney Disease?

The dog’s body will fill up with toxic waste, and you’ll start seeing symptoms such as weight loss, lethargy, and increased consumption of water.

What Is the Process of Dog Dying of Kidney Disease?

The prognosis and survival time reduce with every stage. At stage 4, the median survival time may be as low as 14 days.

What Is the Process of Dog Dying of Kidney Disease?

– Spend as much time with them as you can – Give them a healthy low-protein diet – Schedule regular trips to the vet

How to Keep Your Dog Comfortable During Their Last Days

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