8 Best Dog Daycares in San Francisco! (2022)

Maybe you work long shifts, or maybe you’re traveling out of town, and dogs aren’t allowed. Whatever the case, there’s a San Francisco dog daycare that’s close to you and ready to care for your pet.

Here is a list of the top doggy daycares for people in San Francisco.

If you’re local to the Mission Bay Area of San Francisco, you’ll want to check out Bark Avenue Doggy Day Care. This kennel primarily offers daycare service, though holiday or overnight.

1. Bark Avenue Doggy Day Care

Embarkadero Social Club is owned by veterinarian Luis Lozado, and the care your puppy will receive will reflect that level of experience.

2. Embarkadero Social Club

Dogpile Dogs is a crate-free facility that allows your dog to run and play however it wants to. Your dog will undoubtedly be supervised, but only positive reinforcement and redirection are used discipline, never physical discipline or shouting.

3. Dogpile Dogs

As the name suggests, this daycare offers daytime care and boarding services, though the overnight service is varied via the Neighbors network. 

4. Playbow Dog Daycare and Sleepovers

SF Puppy Love is another of the top doggy daycares in San Francisco. They offer daytime service, overnight boarding, and grooming for your puppy, as well as self-wash services if you’d prefer to handle it on your own.

5. SF Puppy Love