15 Best Whitening Shampoos for Dogs

White dog breeds look great but only when they’re well-groomed, and their coats are white.

We’ve read through countless online reviews to find the best-rated whitening shampoos for dogs.

Features – Veterinary formula – Over 6,900 positive reviews – Citrus scent – Affordable for multi-pet homes

1. Veterinary Formula Solutions Snow White Shampoo for Dogs

Features – Soap & detergent-free – Vet recommended – Delicate scent – Whitens & brightens pet’s coats

2. OMG Extreme Dog Whitening Shampoo

Features – Affordable for multi-pet homes – Moisturizes the coat & skin – A natural formula that’s gentle & safe to use

3. Perfect Coat White Pearl Shampoo for Dogs with Coconut Scent

Features – Over 2,700 positive reviews – Affordable for multi-pet homes – Easy to use and rinse off

4. BioSilk for Dogs Silk Therapy Whitening Dog Shampoo

Features – Over 2,400 positive reviews – Optic intensifying treatment for dogs – It lasts up to 4 weeks

5. Chris Christensen White on White Dog Shampoo

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