Food Allergies in Dogs: What You Need to Know!

Just like their pet parents, dogs can be allergic to their food, too. It is one of the first rules in owning a dog: Keep an eye out for allergic reactions.

The chances of food allergies vary from one dog to another. More often than not, you only find out when symptoms arise. In such cases, the most you can do is be prepared.

Here are the most common symptoms: 1. Aggression 2. Diarrhea 3. Ear infections 4. Eye discharge 5. Hair loss

Signs Your Dog Has a Food Allergy

There is only one way to remedy a food allergy: Go to the experts. Once you spot unusual signs, bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately.

What to Do When Your Dog Has a Food Allergy

This list of food items contains common food allergens that dogs react: 1. Beef 2. Dairy 3. Wheat

The Most Common Food Allergens for Dogs

Some veterinary clinics offer a variety of allergy tests for dogs. They are done through blood, saliva, or skin.

Tips to Avoid Food Allergies in Dogs: Get a Food Allergy Test for your Dog

An elimination diet is tedious, but it is the most precise way to find out common food allergies, for dogs and humans alike.

Make Your Dog Go Through an Elimination Diet

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