Dog Eye Bleeding – What Should I Do?

As we know, dogs are fun and active and their playfulness can also cause injuries at times. Even the most well-behaved dogs can end up with an eye injury.

The eyes are a susceptible area, and it can be quite scary when dealing with this type of injury. So we are here to give you a hand! What should you do if your dog’s eye is bleeding?

Eye injuries are quite deceptive. Please don’t put your dog in danger of permanently losing its vision. It’s essential not to take this kind of injury lightly. It’s always best to go to the veterinarian to have their eye monitored treated.

Bleeding of the Retina in the Eye

Use a sterile saline solution to flush out your dog’s eye(s). Contact lens solution, even if it’s saline-based will only irritate your dog’s eye. As tempted as you may be to grab it off the counter never use contact solutions.

Sterilizing Your Dog’s Bleeding Eye

The veterinarian will do an examination and take several eye tests to look for ulcers, laceration, and assess tear production. Based on the results, the vet may prescribe your dog a simple treatment of eye medication.

Visitation with the Veterinarian

Once your dog is back home, it may seem a little daunting. To ensure a quick and safe recovery, make sure you apply eye medication precisely as prescribed.

Home Care

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