8 Best Dog Daycares in Portland! (2022)

Whether you’re looking for something small and homey or large and luxurious, there’s a daycare out there for just about everyone. Portland is home to many great dog daycares, each unique selling point.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re searching for dog daycares in Portland.

Dogs Dig It is a dog daycare, boarding, and grooming facility located in Portland, Oregon. Dogs Dig It is one of the city’s oldest and most experienced dog care centers.

1. Dogs Dig It

Every day, dogs from all across Portland come to Woof-Tastic Playhouse for their exceptional dog daycare service. Woof-Tastic Playhouse has over ten years of expertise in delivering exceptional pet care.

2. Woof-Tastic Playhouse

The Dog Days Daycare and Boarding staff is here to help you integrate your new puppy into your family. They provide a warm, home-like atmosphere in a modern, contemporary environment with cage-free daycare and boarding service.

3. Dog Days

Bone Away From Home is Portland’s most cheerful dog daycare and boarding service. They provide 2,700 square feet of open, indoor play space for your dog to meet new pals or visit with the old ones.

4. Bone Away From Home

Their fenced play park is one of the area’s largest outside spaces, with 6000 square feet. They provide a variety of climbing structures. They also have kiddie (doggy) pools and sprinklers available from May to September.

5. Dogs Boarding and Daycare

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