Black Spot on Dog Tooth (Dog Cavity). What Should I do?

If you see a black spot on your dog’s tooth, chances are there is an issue developing in your dogs mouth either in the form of a dog cavity, stain, or significant tartar buildup.

The black spot will usually be inside this decayed tooth enamel hole.  Keep reading for more information on a Black Spot on Dog Tooth.

The spreading of bacteria is what causes all the issues for your dog’s teeth to turn black.

What causes dog teeth to turn black?

– Canine tooth cavity – Stains from eating black colored food or dirt – Tartar buildup

Causes for Black Spot on a Dog Tooth

– Regularly brushing your dogs teeth – Using a well-recognized dog toothpaste – Dog dental chews to help scrub the plaque off a tooth

How to Prevent a Black Tooth Dog Cavity?

The best treatment for a dog cavity is preventing the dog cavity in the first place by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth.

How to treat a black tooth dog cavity?

If your dog has a black spot on their tooth, it’s best to consult your local veterinarian so they can recommend treatments for your dog.

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