The 6 Best Dog Detangler Sprays! (2021)

With today’s specially designed coat sprays, brushes, and dematting tools, removing tangles can be done safely and without pain to your dog. The trick is using the right detangler, which allows for gentler grooming.

If you’re having problems grooming or bathing your dog because of matting, we’re here to help you with our top dog detangling sprays in 2021.

Features – Affordable for multi-pet homes – All-natural ingredients crafted with lemon oil to reduce buildup and linseed oil to coat the fur – Cruelty-free product – Made in the US

1. Burt's Bees for Dogs Natural Dog Detangling Spray

Features – A veterinarian formulated blend of natural ingredients – Crafted with sage, aloe, and cucumber – Priced well for multi-pet homes – It contains vitamin B-5 & skin conditioners

2. Vet's Best Moisture Mist Dog Dry Skin Conditioner and Detangler Spray

Features – Cruelty-free with no animal ingredients – Made in the US – Natural ingredients – Priced well for multi-pet households – All-natural botanical extracts as the PAUL MITCHELL brand for humans

3. John Paul Oatmeal Spray

Features – Botanical blend that’s cruelty-free – Hypoallergenic formula – 100% detergent free & 100% alcohol free – No harmful – Eco-friendly recyclable packaging

4. Bodhi Dog All Natural Apple Detangling Spray

Features – Environmentally safe – Made in the US – Lightly scented with coconut lime verbena – Priced affordably – Not tested on animals – Suitable for dogs and cats – Trusted by veterinarians

5. Nootie - Daily Spritz

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