Best Dog Allergy Test – Top 5 Picks! (2021)

If your dog is licking or scratching excessively, it’s time to do some allergy testing. Allergies caused by a dog’s diet may create behavioral issues which may result in increased irritability and sudden aggressiveness in dogs. You’ll want to determine what is causing your dog’s allergies.

Here is the list of  some of the best at-home dog allergy testing kits, to help you choose the right one for your dog.

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1. 5Strands Pet Standard Package - Allergies, Food Ingredients, and Environmental Tests

The Canine Allergy Test with Saliva Collection Device is different from a fur test that 5Strands offers. This test measures the proteins in your dog’s sample collected with a saliva collection device.

2. Canine Allergy Test Allergy TestAt My Pets

This is an internationally patented food intolerance test that allows you to find your dog’s food sensitivities and feed the right diet for optimal health and to thrive.

3. Nutriscan at-Home Pet Food Intolerance and Sensitivity Test for Dogs

The Easy DNA testing kit for dogs gives pet parents information about foods and supplements that their dogs may be allergic to. There’s also a guide as to what products, food, treats, and supplements can be beneficial for your dog.

4. Easy DNA Dog Allergy Test

This scan uses Biofeedback Technology with hair and saliva samples. They use these samples to measure food and environmental factors that an animal has been exposed to.

5. Glacier Pet Holistics Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan

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