XL Bully vs. Pitbull: What’s the difference?

The XL Bully and Pitbull are two very distinct dogs in a variety of different ways. The history of the XL American Bully goes back to the 1990s to be bred for the ideal family companion.

History of the XL Bully

Pitbull’s were historically bred as fighting dogs in the 1800s, with high prey drive, and are sometimes known to be aggressive. They are very intelligent, agile, and obedient dogs.

History of the Pitbull

XL American Bullies are known to be considerably larger than Pitbull’s. Specifically, the males stand at 22″ to 26″ tall at the wither and females at 20″ to 25″ tall. They can also weigh 80 to 150 plus pounds.

XL Bully vs. Pitbulls

The XL Bully is the largest of the Bully breeds and has the same body type as the Standard American Bully. They have short muzzles that are very wide and squared or rounded at the end but not pushed in.

More Information About the XL Bully

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