Why Won’t My Dog Eat in the Morning? Vet Advice!

When your dog doesn’t eat breakfast in the morning, it can be alarming. Your first thought might be that they’re sick or something is wrong.

There are plenty of reasons dogs won’t eat. Here are the 12 main reasons why your dog won’t eat in the morning.

If your dog turns out to be a picky eater, they might just be bored of having the same food every day. If your dog suddenly stops eating their new food, try switching it up on a weekly basis.

1. Your dog is a picky eater

If your dog is intuitive, they might not be eating because they sense an ingredient they shouldn’t consume. Make sure you are feeding your dog something that they can eat in the morning.

2. Your dog is intuitive

Dogs, like humans, don’t like to eat when they don’t feel well. Take your dog for a walk in a field somewhere and see how they are feeling.

3. Your dog doesn’t feel well and might have an upset tummy

If your dog sees that you are packing bags and doing something out of the ordinary, they may decide not to eat their breakfast because they are anxious.

4. Your dog is overstimulated, excited, or anxious

When dogs have a food intolerance, they can feel bad for hours after they eat. If this is your dog’s situation, they could be afraid to eat because they’ve associated eating with feeling bad.

5. Your dog is afraid to eat

Some dogs may refuse to eat breakfast in the morning because they are waiting for better food. If this is the case, try not to feed your dog human food or they may decide to stop eating their kibble.

6. Your dog is waiting for something better

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