Why is My Puppy Dry Heaving?

Dry heaving often occurs before vomiting and is often very loud and scary for a dog owner.

It is needful to understand the symptoms and how to provide relief for your puppy. You will need to rush your puppy to the vet to save its life in some cases. Here are the common reasons.

A dog with something stuck in its throat is likely to start dry heaving. Most times, puppies nibble on random objects, some of which are not edible.

1. Something Could Be Stucked in Your Dog’s Throat

Your dog may be dry heaving due to other respiratory illnesses like tonsillitis a condition in which your dog’s tonsils are swollen.

2. Your Dog Has Respiratory Illness

If your dog has canine bloat, you should take it to a veterinary professional. This medical condition is severe and can be life threatening.

3. Your Dog Has GDV or Canine Bloat

The first thing you need to do is consult a veterinary professional to discover the reason behind your dog’s condition. Here are the reasons.

3. How to Stop Your Dog From Dry Heaving

If your dog is susceptible to bloating, you should always avoid free-feeding. In this case, eating freely can be dangerous to your dog.

4. Stick to a Feeding Schedule For Your Dog

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