Why Is My Puppy Crying After Shots? (2022)

In a dog’s first year of life, there are many routine vaccines that they need to take in order to prevent deadly diseases and keep your dog healthy. We'll explain why some dogs will cry after shots.

Necessary Puppy Shots or Vaccinations

As with any medical procedure, there may be reactions following your dog getting vaccinations. It may be less than ideal to watch your puppy be in an uncomfortable state, but it may put you at ease to know that these reactions are common and do not last very long.

Most Common Vaccine Reactions

If you notice that your puppy is crying or whining after receiving their shot, it may be due to soreness or discomfort in the area where they were given the vaccination. This soreness will fade in a day or two, but if you feel like it is getting worse or not resolving, it may be a good idea to reach out to your vet.

Why is your puppy crying?

Serious side effects from pet vaccinations are very rare, but can occur, and these symptoms can be quite scary for a brand new puppy owner. 

More Serious Vaccine Reactions

– Severe vomiting or diarrhea – Constant itching/skin feels bumpy – Noticeable swelling around the nose, face, or eyes – Difficulty breathing which might look like severe coughing – Collapsing, fainting, or inability to get up If you notice these symptoms then you should call your vet immediately.

Severe Shot Reactions

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