Why Is My Dog’s Poop Grainy? Common Reasons!

Owning a dog is much like caring for a baby in the sense that your eyes probably can’t help but automatically assess your dog’s poop—especially as you walk your dog in a neighborhood

Several common scenarios exist to explain what exactly grainy dog poop means. Luckily, many of them are harmless or easily fixable. We’ll share the top reasons with you here.

Finding grain in dog poop is particularly common on farms where dogs may eat horse or cow poop, ingesting the undigested grains.

Reason 1: They Ate Grain

Dogs get tapeworms by consuming an infected host carrying tapeworm eggs. More often than not, fleas are the main culprit of a tapeworm infection.

Reason 2: They Have Tapeworm

Grainy poop is often a sign that your dog is in the process of becoming dehydrated. That’s because they don’t have enough water to break down food particles and form healthy excretions.

Reason 3: They’re Dehydrated

If your dog has gastrointestinal inflammation or another digestive system disorder, you may notice grain from their dog food showing up in their poop.

Reason 4: They Have Gastrointestinal Inflammation

If your dog isn’t getting enough fiber, or if you’re feeding them low-quality fiber food, it could cause their poop to appear grainy.

Reason 5: They Need More Fiber

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