Why Is My Dog Hyper? (2021)

Before tackling the solution to a hyper dog, we first have to understand why our dogs become hyper. This is important so that we can accurately address the situation and determine what will work best for you and your dog.

This one may seem simple, but it happens to be one of the most common reasons your dog acts like the Tasmanian Devil. Consider your daily routine – are you at work all day and leave your dog home alone for extended hours?

1. A Dog Becomes Hyper Due to Boredom

Excitement is another top reason why your dog is overly hyper. Your dog could be excited to see you, meet new people, welcome guests into their home, see a squirrel or another dog out the window – the reasons are endless.

2. Excitement

Certain types of food or a certain diet that contains many of those foods can contribute to your dog’s behavior. The chemical substance dopamine is decomposed into phenylalanine. Therefore, try to avoid feeding your dog too much chicken, turkey, or wild meat, since these contain high amounts of phenylalanine.

3. Diet

Like humans, dogs can suffer from symptoms of ADHD – but this condition is actually called hyperkinesis in the dog world. In dogs, hyperactivity symptoms include high energy, distractibility, lots of fidgeting and movement, inability to pay attention, and impulsiveness.

4. ADHD or Hyperkinesis

Whether you call it hyper-active, over-excited, zoomies, or going crazy. Dogs acting excited can be quite cute and give you a laugh. But, if your dog being too hyper leaves you exhausted every single day, you might not see the fun anymore (understandably). Luckily, we’ve put together a few tips that will calm your over-active friend.

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