Why Does My Dog Suddenly Want to Sleep Alone? (2022)

When your dog transitions from wanting to sleep with you in your room to off by themselves, you may see it as a sign of relief and satisfying that privacy you’ve been wanting without your dog. However, if their change is sudden, it may be an indicator of something else going on. 

Why Does My Dog Suddenly Want to Sleep Alone?

Perhaps one of the most common yet unrecognized mental health issue in dogs is depression. This emotional response is similar to what a human version of depression is like. They may not want to be around other people, leading them to want to sleep alone.


Your dog may also choose to sleep away from others or in a different room out of just their desire for comfort. The room others may be in may be too warm for their liking. They may not have a bed or space to lay which they find comfortable. They may just want to find another spot to rest their head and find some sleep.


If you notice that your dog now prefers to sleep in areas like at the front door or across the door of your door or your kids’ door, they may be acting out of a sense of protection. With their dedication to caring for you, your dog may see it as their duty to provide protection at all times, even when they are sleeping. 

Provide Protection

If your dog has a tough time calming down at the end of the day, they may prefer to be in a more open environment rather than an enclosed space. They may want to burn off some of their energy before they are ready to retire to sleeping. 

Too Much Energy

Whether it’s a new house, bringing home a new baby or just adding some new furniture to the room, any change can unsettle your dog. Having new people in the space where they used to sleep can also cause major concerns for them as well. 

Change in Environment

Sometimes, a dog who wants to sleep alone simply wants to change up their routine. Their behavior change may not be something to be concerned about. 

How to Help Your Dog When They Want to Suddenly Sleep Alone

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