Why Does My Dog Suddenly Hate His Crate?

Oh no! It’s a dog parent’s worst nightmare. If your dog suddenly hates his crate, you’re probably asking yourself why.

Some dogs will whine, refuse to go anywhere near their crate, or avoid the room with the crate. Here are the most common reasons why dogs start hating their crate and what you can do about it.

If you leave your dog alone often, he could be experiencing separation anxiety. If your dog exhibits signs of distress, it may be better to put him in a small room with a baby gate.

Separation Anxiety

Your dog may be bored in his crate. He may be upset if he doesn’t have a chew stick or some other sort of enrichment toy to keep him occupied.


If the crate is near something bothering your dog, for example, the dishwasher, he will be upset. Or perhaps the location is too hot or too cold.

The Location of the Crate

If your pup was acting up and you put him in the crate as a punishment, he may become resentful of the crate. He will begin to associate it with negative experiences.

You Used the Crate for Punishment

If your dog suddenly hates his crate, perhaps something scared him while he was in it. Or maybe something is broken in the crate, and it hurts him.

They’re Afraid

Dogs don’t want to go potty where they sleep, so if your dog is trying too hard to hold his bladder, he’s going to be uncomfortable and upset in his crate.

Can’t Hold His Bladder

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