Why Does My Dog Only Eat At Night?

Many different factors contribute to your dog’s eating habits. Sometimes dogs eat at night out of habit.

Some common factors influence the time of day your dog eats. These factors may apply to some dogs, while others may have different reasons.

Dog may start eating at night because it waits until its owner comes home from work. This habit might form for many other reasons, but it can be hard to break once created.

1. Habit

Your dog’s level of comfort can also affect its eating habits. Only eating at night can influence your dog’s comfort level with people. Some dogs prefer to eat when no one is watching.

2. Comfort

Your dog may only eat at night out of convenience. Adult dogs typically sleep for 12 to 14 hours a day. Much of this time is during the day when their families are at school or work.

3. Convenience

Dogs will eat when they get hungry, but if they do not like the food you give them, they might hold off as long as possible.

4. Food Choice

If you free-feed your dog and it chooses to only eat once a day, it's okay. The biggest concern dog is eating the proper amount of food and nutrients.

Is It Safe For Dogs to Only Eat at Night?

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