Why Does My Dog Lay On Top of Me?

If you’re a dog owner curious about this behavior, then you should understand that your companion is showing signs of affection.

Many dogs will lay on their owners to have the feeling of security and comfort. Similar to other mammals, they sleep together for the feeling of protection and staying warm. Here are the reasons why does my dog lay on top of me.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell when your companion is scared or sad. When your dog lays on you, chances are – it wants comfort from you.

Feeling of Comfort

When my poodle gets scared, she would run and hide behind my legs or lay on me (if I’m laying down). This could happen when you have strangers or other animals inside of your home.

Feeling of Protection

Commonly, dogs deal with separation anxiety when they’re left at home alone or when their owner is away. Dogs will miss their owners even if they’re gone for an hour.

Coping with Separation Anxiety

Dogs are extremely protective of their owners. Whether you’re sleeping or not, your companion laying on top of you lets your dog know that you’re still there. After all, they have a strong instinct to protect the things that they love.

Protecting Their Owners

Between you and your dog, you’re considered as the alpha in this role. In this case, your dog is your follower, friend, and protector. Your dog laying on top of you is the same reason.

Having Pack Mentality

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