Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing?

Typically, a growl comes when triggered by a stranger, a scary situation, or something bothering them in their environment.

Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing?

When it seems that your dog is growling at nothing, there may be more to the situation than what you may be aware of. Here are some common reasons.

Why Does My Dog Growl at Nothing?

If your dog is stressed out or anxious about a particular living environment or other situation, they may express their frustration through a growl.

1. Your Dog is On Edge

If they see something outside or somewhere in the house that seems out of the ordinary or is something they want to draw your attention to, they may respond with a growl.

2. Your Dog Sees Something

They can hear sounds out of the range of normal human hearing. This natural ability may also cause them to growl at something they hear.

3. Your Dog Hears Something

Their sense of smell may also be why they may growl at seemingly nothing. They may be able to smell something that you can’t, which may be unsettling for them.

4. Your Dog Smells Something

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