Why Do Dogs Sleep at the Foot of the Bed? (2022)

Depending on how the animal sees the pack leader of the house, dogs who sleep at the foot of the bed generally know their place in the pack. We will go over the main reason why dogs sleep at the foot of the bed.

Reasons Why Dogs Sleep At The Foot Of The Bed

Dog breeds can be nervous and/or clingy and a spot at the foot of the bed with you in it can bring them some relief. Some examples of these dog breeds who feel protected by sleeping at the foot of the bed are: – Hungarian Vizsla – Maltese – Pug – Bichon Frise – Cocker Spaniel

They Feel Protected

These dogs sleep at the foot of the bed on the floor to say, “You’re the boss. I’m just following your lead.” If they’ve been trained not to be on the bed and instead have their bedding on the floor, they’re just happy to be near you.

Deferential / Submissive Action

It just flat-out feels good to them to be able to sleep beside their human(s). It’s comforting and the action itself — lying down at your feet — means all is right with the world.

Love/Comfort Action

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