Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face? Top 11 Reasons! (2022)

Our list will delve deep into 11 of the most common reasons for face rubbing. They can be as innocuous as itching to more serious issues, like earaches and dental pain. Let’s take a closer look!

Top 11 Reasons Why Dogs Rub Their Face

Paws can only go so far with scratching an itch. So, your dog might be rubbing their face on the floor because they’re itchy.

Reason 1: They’re Itchy

Just like humans, a dog’s reaction when they feel something on their face is to wipe it off. So, if you’re wondering, “Why does my dog rub his face on the carpet?” check to see if they have anything on their face.

Reason 2: They’re Trying to Wipe Off Debris

Can you imagine something getting into your eye and not having the precision of a finger to get it out? Since dogs don’t have this luxury, they may rub their face on the floor to get debris out of their eye.

Reason 3: They’ve Got Something in Their Eye

If you’re wondering, “Why do dogs rub their face out of the blue?” it might be because you bought them a new collar.

Reason 4: Their Collar Is Bothering Them

The reason being is that dogs have glands on their faces, which leaves pheromones on the carpet, wooden floor, and grass that your dog uses to rub their face.

Reason 5: They Want to Mark Their Territory

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