Why Do Dogs Rub Their Face? Top 11 Reasons!

Whether you’ve just welcomed your first dog into your home or you’ve had puppies all your life, the question will inevitably strike you—why do dogs rub their face?

We’ll take you through the ins and outs of why dogs rub their faces so you can get your puppy to the vet if they need it or smile as they frolic around on the floor. Here are the reasons.

If your dog has allergies, they’ll likely lick or bite at their paws alongside any face rubbing. They also might have red skin or hives.

Reason 1: They’re Itchy

Can you imagine something getting into your eye and not having the precision of a finger to get it out? Since dogs don’t have this luxury, they may rub their face on the floor to get debris out of their eye.

Reason 2: They’ve Got Something in Their Eye

If you’re wondering, “Why do dogs rub their face out of the blue?” it might be because you bought them a new collar. Your dog’s fur might be itchy under their collar, or the collar could be too tight.

Reason 3: Their Collar Is Bothering Them

The reason being is that dogs have glands on their faces, which leaves pheromones on the carpet, wooden floor, and grass that your dog uses to rub their face.

Reason 4: They Want to Mark Their Territory

Brain tumors are amongst the most serious—but luckily rare issues that can lead to face rubbing. If your dog has a brain tumor, they will typically display other unusual behaviors.

Reason 5: They Have a Brain Tumor

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