Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears?

“Why do dogs lick each other’s ears?” “Is this safe?” “Should I train my dog to stop doing this?”

This action is not standard for humans, so seeing this may be a little alarming. But don’t worry, we’ve got answers to all of the above questions and more!

There are a number of reasons why your dogs could be licking each other’s ears. This can range from a leftover pack mentality, keeping clean, or getting each other’s attention.

The Reason Why Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears

Whatever the reason, most of these are completely harmless and should bring no alarm. Now, let’s dive a little deeper into why dogs lick other dogs’ ears.

The Reason Why Dogs Lick Each Other’s Ears

Dogs, in most cases, are very friendly creatures that love to show affection not only to humans but to other dogs as well. Believe it or not, the behavior of licking ears is dogs’ way of greeting.

Showing Affection

Just like our own ears, dog ears produce wax which needs to come out at some point. Their ears are an area on their body that they are unable to reach. Thus, they need the help of a friend to keep this area clean.

Helping Their Friend Keep Clean

One dog licking another dog’s ear could signal they are showing respect to the alpha dog. Alternatively, an alpha may lick a subordinate’s ear to signal they have done a good job completing a task.

Sign of Respect

Dogs require a great deal of attention, from both their humans and their other companions. Another reason your dogs are licking each other’s ears could be one dog’s way of getting attention from the other.

Getting Attention

If your dog suddenly becomes keen to relentlessly lick another dog’s ear, it could mean that the pup is suffering from an ear infection. Ear infections cause a discharge to occur, and it creates an odor that can attract other dogs.

Sign of Infection

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