Why Do Dogs Hump The Air?

Although it may be embarrassing, humping is a normal behavior in dogs. Humping does not always indicate that your dog is unwell.

Why does my dog uncontrollably hump the air? Well, there are quite a few different reasons dogs hump the air. Below you will find these reasons.

Here you will find these reasons and what you can do to prevent this behavior from becoming a problem.

Dogs have unique ways of expressing playfulness. Sometimes it is through humping the air, while other times may be expressed differently.


Another common reason dogs hump the air is to assert dominance. Commonly dogs hump the air above other dogs to show the alpha. This is also a behavior often seen when strangers enter a home.


Arousal is a significant factor in air humping among dogs. Unneutered males and spayed females experience sexual arousal, manifest as humping the air.


There are quite a few medical conditions that can lead your dog to hump the air. Dogs that perform this behavior may be experiencing pain in their genital area.

Medical Problems

Another prevalent reason for dogs to hump the air is displacement behavior. Displacement behavior starts with an intense feeling of some  kind that then manifests as an unrelated behavior.

Displacement Behavior

Here are the steps you can take to stop your dog humping: 1. Training 2. Distracting 3. Neutering/Spaying 4. Reduce-Anxiety 5. Ask For Help

How to Stop Your Dog From Humping the Air

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