Why Do Dogs Have Serrated Lips?

If you have ever looked closely at your dog, you may have noticed ridges on their lips, or serration, similar to that which you would see on a serrated kitchen knife.

There are a few different theories for why this occurs. Here, we will dive deeper into those theories and how these ridges have come to form – come along for the ride!

The theory states that dogs have this special kind of lip in order to protect their lips from their teeth, especially the sharper canine ones that overlap when their mouths are closed.

Theories on Why Dogs Have Serrated Lips 1. To Protect Lips from Teeth

It’s no secret that dogs frequently use their mouth to grab or grip onto different items. Many dog enthusiasts and professionals believe that this is the reason for serrations on some dogs’ lips.

2. To Have Better Grip When Holding Things

A professor of anatomy who stated that the reason for the serrated bumps, along with other elements of a dog’s mouth, was all evolution’s work in keeping the dog’s teeth clean.

3. To Clean Teeth

The idea is that the bumps on your dog’s mouth may increase the area in their mouth, creating more taste buds which would enhance their levels of taste.

4. To Increase Taste

This theory states that the serrated bumps act as extra space for our dog’s mouth to open up to the full extent. The bumps stretch out, providing more room when the mouth opens.

5. To Allow the Mouth to Open Fully

Have you ever noticed your dog panting when they are hot? Our final theory states that the serrated lips aid in this process of cooling off your dog more efficiently.

6. A Cooling Mechanism

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